Our love of erotic odours throughout history

Our sense of smell has always been closely intertwined with love, seduction and the reproductive function. The intimate odour of the female as the pinnacle of all erotic scents is considered one of the earliest and most well-known aphrodisiacs. In the following are some famous historic personalities whose keen and beneficial sense of smell played a significant and pleasurable role in their erotic lives:

at the end of the 18th Century, German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe confessed to his lover, Charlotte von Stein, that he had stolen one of her bodices so that he could savour her smell whenever he wanted. In those days, people may even have avoided being overly clean, because they feared their body’s would lose their seductive powers.

Amongst odour gourmets today, underwear is one of the most well-known fetishes and is widely entertained worldwide. That said, much unfounded prejudice still exists again this lust for the female aroma and aficionados of this particular fetish are more likely to be heaped with scorn and pity than acceptance.
In Asia, and especially Japan, body odour fetishes and, in particular, the smell of used lady’s panties is more common than in the rest of the world. And while the musician and composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was once inspired by the smell of his lover’s corset when they were apart … Emperor and Field Marshal Napoleon Bonaparte represents an even earlier example of an olfactory gourmet: it is said that during his Egyptian campaign, Napoleon wrote to his lover, Josephine, with the words, “Do not wash anymore, I will be back soon.” (“Ne te lave pas, je reviens).

Today, like then, it all comes down to the culmination of the odour fetish – to smell the direct and unadulterated intimate odour of the female body to become aroused by the pleasure you feel from the smell. Women have always known how to use their natural body odours as a seductive weapon. This is why women sometimes avoided being overly clean, because they feared would lose their seductive powers.
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(Historical background: source: Wikipedia)